Myself, Motoring News and the DTM…

I’ve explained how I fell in love with the BTCC, so I thought the next step would be to explain how I found out about Germany’s top flight tintop series, The DTM…

Between 1990 and 1991, my motorsport watching took a back seat due to moving from Bletchley, my birth town in Buckinghamshire to Flitwick in Bedfordshire. Along with changing schools, losing friends and family life becoming more difficult and unhappy due to my parents getting divorced several years before and me having a new stepfather, I just didnt get to watch it.

However, while being off school for 2 weeks with a nasty bout of flu in the July of 1991, my mother was kind enough to buy me a copy of Motor Sport magazine and a copy of MotorSport News. (It was known as Motoring News back then).

It was here that I read about the DTM. Now please take into account that my motorsport viewing was solely on the BBC. BTCC and British Formula 3 on Saturday Grandstand and Formula 1 on Sunday Grandstand. It was simple and commentated on by Murray Walker.

As well as reading about Mansell’s resurgence in the title battle with Senna in F1 and how Will Hoy and John Cleland were battling for the BTCC Title, to my surprise, I read about this interesting touring car series in Germany where the cars that took part were different to the ones that raced in the BTCC.

These were 2.5 litre petrol, flame spitting monsters from Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Opel and Ford raced on the best tracks in Germany. The article itself explained about the DTM in a beginners guide but also outlined the arguments the various manufacturers were having regarding the rules in place to try and equalise the various types of Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive cars.

My eyes lit up to read about these new touring cars that I hadnt known about. They weren’t shown on the BBC or ITV as far as I was aware, so my information was solely provided by this amazing newspaper that was on sale Every Wednesday.

My passion for Motor Racing was re-ignited with more intensity than previously and my quest for knowledge about each series grew.

So i eagerly saved what pocket money I was given and bought a copy each week, eagerly reading about current affairs and other news in the motorsport world, concentrating on F1, BTCC and what DTM news was reported. Back then I had no knowledge of Autosport magazine and Steve Soper was the only brit racing in the DTM.

I even contacted Motoring News in 1991 to see if they had any back copies of their issues so I could read about what I had missed out on in the motorsport world. Imagine my surprise when they sent me the first 6 months worth of copies of their issues from 1990… That made bloody intetesting reading… And a lot of newspapers…

So fast forward to 1997. I’m now living in Bedford in my own place with a collection of Motoring News editions and the DTM has gone through a change. Gone are BMW and Audi and the regulations have changed to allow Alfa Romeo to come, dominate and go again and both Opel and Audi return to race against series stalwart Mercedes.

However with ITV now showing F1, my dream had come true. Late on a Friday Night, they showed a highlights programme at 11.30pm of the previous weekends DTM event. So the joy on my face was clear as I pressed record on my 30 year old Ferguson Videostar Video recorder and recorded the programme to watch over and over. That video player was my best friend, mechanically…until the day I used WD40 to clean it…

I recall Simon Hill was a pundit on the ITV F1 Team at the team and he commentated on the DTM Highlights. It was amazing, watching these flame spitting machines being hurled around the best german tracks by germanys best: Schneider, Reuter, Asch, Winkelhock, Stuck and others that had made brief appearances in either the BTCC or the two televised FIA Touring Car World Cups put of the three.

What kept me enthralled was that the racing was as tight and close as it was in the BTCC. Close quarters panel bashing between Germany’s best drivers in iconic makes of car allied with Simon Hill’s commentary made this a sport to watch…except for when Bernd Schneider disappeared off into the distance with a certain Dario Franchitti playing rear gunner.

I swear to this day that both Schumacher and Schneider taught the same tricks to a certain Sebastian Vettel…

Purists and fans alike will recall the FIA’s effort to promote the DTM in 1996 to the FIA International Touring Car Championship or ITC. It didn’t last long and soon it returned to being the DTM.

However the thrill of watching the DTM for me was as high as watching F1 and the BTCC. Again it was motorsport from a different country and the drive within me pushed me on to want to know more about it, to be an expert about it like I felt I was about the years of BTCC and F1 that I had watched. And i kept on reading about it and watching it where I could over the following years.

So thats how my love affair of the DTM began. I still watch it thanks to the highlights on ITV4 or read the details of the races via Autosport and TouringCar Times. I recommend both sites to you all.

Well hopefully that wasnt too long this time. But rest assured, I’ll blog again soon about the other series I follow: the Modern incarnation of the World Touring Car Championship and my Support for a certain Mr Priaulx…



In The Beginning…

So, let me tell you how my following of the BTCC began and how its connected with my love of Formula One…

By the way, you might want a cup of tea after this…

My love of motorsport began back in 1980. I was a small boy of 3 and already a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek. (Yes, I’m a geek, keep reading). Most young boys are attracted to either Football, Rugby or Cricket at a young age, however for me, sitting on my dads lap watching Arsenal games on the TV didnt do a lot for me.

Now, Sunday Afternoons watching Formula One on Sunday Grandstand on BBC2 was the beginning. The Thrill came from watching drivers such as Piquet, Laffite, Lauda, Patrese and other hurling those cars around the tracks with such skill. It had me glued to the TV watching the drivers throw cars that were glued to the ground by amounts of downforce that would increase tenfold every year, engines that pushed them on with ever increasing amounts of power and technology that would get better and more improved by the year.

I was hooked.

Now every kid has a job that they want to do when they are young. My first was to be a train driver. As my dad worked at the Bletchley Rail Depot repairing engines, I wanted to drive them. However having Epilepsy and being Colour blind put paid to that aspiration. My second was to be an astronaut like those brave guys at NASA and on Star Trek. But the same reasons applied.

So my heart was set on being a Racing Driver. However I had no idea about the money and paths required to do this. What also fuelled my interest and excitement was the excellent commentary provided by Mr Murray Walker and Mr James Hunt. They made the racing on TV even more exciting and thrilling to watch every sunday afternoon on BBC2. I was hooked.

So, I hear you ask, where does the BTCC and my obsession fit in? Well fast forward to 1988…

By now, I’m a firm Nigel Mansell fan and a complete Williams fan, watching fights between him, Prost, Senna and Piquet. But my mind had a question that would soon get an answer.

My love of F1 also spawned a love of cars in general and I often wondered if the cars that wete driven on the roads ever raced.

Well thanks to a certain Steve Rider, my question was answered in 1988 when on Saturday Afternoons, they started showing the BTCC. I rejoiced in watching Fords, BMW’s, VW’s, Toyota’s and many more on the Silverstone National circuit. Something that I didnt know existed at the time. What also helped was that Mr Walker was commentating as well!!!

And so began my following of the BTCC with my new heroes to follow such as Andy Rouse, Frank Sytner, Steve Soper, Tim Harvey and John Cleland getting my support.

I have followed both F1 and the BTCC ever since, with one change. My job wish changed from being a Racing Driver to being a Motorsport Commentator. Trust me, ask my family and friends and they will happily testify to the many shouts when I watch motor racing I know well.

WTCC, ETCC and the DTM followed in due course, but thats for another day.

Now, go and get that cup of tea. You earnt it.



Motorsport: When James Hunt met Christian The Lion…

Believe it or not, as much as I am a big fan of Motorsport, I do have friends.

No, not imaginary friends… Real friends…

Back in 2011, my good friend Kane Hughes got the chance to be Photographer for Team ES Racing at the Rockingham round of the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship that year. Myself, Nik and Aaron were also there on Race Day as we were supporting the return of Tony Gilham to the series with Geoff Steel Racing, but thats a story for another day…

Kane is an excellent photographer and has helped my son Aaron when he got his first professional camera and began photography himself, teaching him how to use the camera, different angles to use and much more.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that Kane recently put me in touch with Derek Cattani, the gentleman who in 1970, did a photoshoot between 1976 Formula One World Champion James Hunt and a certain Christian The Lion…

Also add in the fact that James Hunt’s son Freddie is taking part in a full season of the TOCA Renault Clio Cup in 2015 and theres a touch of BTCC in there too…

Heres a bit of background…

Christian The Lion was a lion originally purchased by Australians John Rendall and Anthony “Ace” Bourke from Harrods department store in London in 1969 and ultimately reintroduced to the African wild by conservationist George Adamson. One year after Adamson released Christian to the wild, his former owners decided to go looking for him to see whether Christian would remember them. He did and with him were two lionesses who accepted the men as well.

When John and Ace were informed by Adamson of Christian’s successful reintroduction to the wild in 1972, they traveled to Kenya to visit Christian and were filmed in a documentary during the course of the reunion. According to the documentary, Adamson advised Rendall and Bourke that Christian might not remember them. The film shows the lion at first cautiously approach and then quickly leap playfully onto the two men, standing on his hind legs and wrapping his front legs around their shoulders, nuzzling their faces. The documentary also shows the lionesses, Mona and Lisa, and a foster cub welcoming the two men.

Heres the story from Christian The Lion’s personal photographer, Derek Cattani…

In the Spring of 1970 the now famous Christian the Lion was the talk of the Kings Road,
His photo stories appeared in the National press, with pop stars and sports personalities making a special pilgrimage to the Sophisto-Cat furniture shop in the `Worlds End` of Kings Road, London, where he lived with John Rendall and Ace Bourke and shop manager Jennifer Taylor.

His personal photographer Derek Cattani was kept busy keeping a photo log of his activities and various celebrity visits with John & Ace which turned into the now World best selling book `A Lion called Christian`.

In March of 1970 Jennifer Taylor was being dated by a young up and coming racing driver called James Hunt. During an evening dinner party with John and Ace they all agreed that a photo session with Christian and James with his new Formula 3 racing car would be a great publicity picture.

A few weeks later after James had returned from a Formula 3 race in France they all met up with Derek Cattani at the home of James’ parents’ in Cheam, Surrey where the race car was garaged for the photo session.

A rather nervous James sat in the cockpit of his Formula 3 racer whilst a very inquisitive Christian padded around the court yard. John had explained to James that it was best to allow Christian time to get used to his new surroundings and “Toy”

After a short while a relaxed Christian decided to explore his new friend and car and with one gentle leap bounced straight onto the light alloy front of the car much to James amazement.

Luckily no damage was done!

A now braver James prompted by Derek decided to leave the security of his cockpit and pick up Christian, allowing Derek the chance to click away and record the few seconds Christian allowed him the privilege of this encounter.


(Photo Credit to Derek Catani)

The photo session now over with the result being that a set of great shots in the bag and there was no damage done to man, car or beast.

The following August 1970 Christian was on his way to Africa to start a new life with George Adamson, accompanied by John, Ace, Derek, and a film crew to record the first few months of freedom, and James followed his winning ways and signed up with Hesketh Racing in 1973.

Christian was successfully rehabilitated in Kenya by George Adamson and by 1973 was indeed the King of the Jungle, and in 1976 James  became Formula 1 World Champion and became “King of the Road”.

Such stuff as dreams are made on.

For more information on Derek’s work with Christian The Lion and how his work supports the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, please visit here: ChristianTheLionPrints or where you can also purchase a print of Christian and help support the Trust in your own way.

All the best!


The 2015 Autosport International Show: Part Two

Welcome to the second part of of my blog regarding my visit to the 2015 Autosport International Show as an Official Blogger…

Read on and Enjoy!

On the Yokohama stand was another of the cars I wanted to see on my ticklist. During the show, British Rallycross Driver Ollie O’Donovan confirmed that he would be competing in the 2015 British Rallycross Championship and at least six rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship in his new RX Racing Ltd Mk7 Ford Fiesta Supercar with title sponsorship from Tyre Manufacturer Yokohama. Ollie was rapid in his return to British Rallycross in the second half of 2014, taking his Mk2 Ford Focus Supercar to three event wins, so I’m expecting him to be fast out of the box again.


Sticking with the Rallycross theme, our visit to ASI2015 could not go without stopping by the M-Sport Stand, where on display they had the 100th Ford Fiesta Rally Car they have built, alongside which was the famous Hoonigans Racing Division Ford Fiesta Supercar of Ken Block, who contested several rounds of last years WorldRX series, resulting in a podium in Norway.


All of this had me absolutely glowing with happiness as Nik and I walked around looking and taking in all the sights and sounds of the show. One stall I wanted to see was the Brabham Stand, where this year David Brabham is taking the team into Sportscar racing in the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship with an entry in the LMP2 class. I’d like to thank Sam Williams who happily explained the whole project to Nik and I on how it worked and what the public received back depending on how they subscribed to the Online programme that the funds raised so far by the fans and public.


For me, seeing the Brabham name in Motorsport again is something I’ve long hoped for. Before my following of Williams in Formula One, when I began watching the sport it was Brabham I was happiest seeing on the TV and I’ll happily be keeping an eye on them this years FIA WEC.


I also took the oppurtunity to speak with several different BTCC drivers during the show, conducting my first ever interviews for the blog and I’d like to say thank you to Simon Belcher, Tony Gilham, Aiden Moffat and Richard Hawken for allowing me the time to interview them. I’ll be posting their comments and thoughts on the season ahead in Part 3…


There was one other box to tick during our visit to the show, however it remained empty once we made our way home. My son Aaron is a big Drift fan and it turns out that former Boyzone member Shane Lynch had launched his new Maxxis Tyres sponsored Nissan 370Z. But could we find this bearded wonder? Nope. Hunted high and low for him too. Couldn’t sniff him out at all.


One of my favourite moments of the day came just before lunch. We were headed back towards the Dunlop Stand when I spotted Rob Austin having a few photos taken with some fans. As he went to walk past, Nik collared him for a quick couple of words. She apologised for stopping him on the way to the loo, however Rob said he was off for a sneaky fag. But he did impart to Nik that Sherman would have a new look body shape and a new livery that would be revealed at Media Day…


I’m the blogger… She gets the exclusives!!!

I can happily say we both enjoyed Saturday at the show and its definitely something we want to go to again in 2016. It was amazing to be walking around and seeing so many different motorsport disciplines represented in one show, before the start of their various 2015 seasons and we have the knowledge that we saw them first.


One other moment that made my day at #ASI15 was catching up with my fellow Social Media TinTop family. Normally this takes place at BTCC Media Day, but this year saw an earlier chance. I managed to catchup with Baz Taylor and Daz Vallis, admins on the BTCC Fans Group and also with fellow blogger Alan Faulkner and I have to say it was great to chat to these guys and its up the excitement of BTCC Media Day even more. It was also great to catchup with Gemma Newman, who will be GridGirl for Speedworks Motorsport as well as catching up with Tony & Samantha Gilham and also with Gary Allen, who is Team Manager at Laser Tools Racing for a second consecutive season.


Finally I want to say Thank You to all the people at ASI for picking me as an Official Blogger and giving me this fantastic oppurtunity to attend the show. It been an amazing experience!



All the best from the Guru!!

The 2015 Autosport International Show: Part One


I can happily say that the wait to go to this years Autosport International Show has been worth it…

Warning: Grab a cup of tea, maybe a few biscuits… Its a long one…

On Saturday I travelled up to the Birmingham NEC on the train with my partner Nik to take part as one of their Official Bloggers. The early morning train did little to suppress my excitement which has been slowly building since August 2014 when I was chosen as one of the competition winners.


Once we arrived, we sorted out suitable transportation for Nik (A Rented Buggy) and then headed to the Media Centre to pick up our passes. Whilst there, I met up with Alex Golschmidt who will be covering the DTM this season for (plug) and gave me a few pointers regarding the show.


Naturally, being fans of the BTCC and other tintop series, once we were inside Hall 6 we took a slow walk around to get our bearings and take in the size of one part of #ASI15. We found the Laser Tools Racing stand next to PopBangColour, where the new NGTC Mercedes A-Class Challenger that young Aiden Moffat will drive was on display. Not far from there was the Dunlop Stand of which was home to the 2015 Triple Eight MG6 of Andrew Jordan, the 2015 Infiniti Support Our Paras Racing Q50 in its new livery, the 2014 Honda Civic Tourer and Rob Austin’s faithful Audi A4 “Sherman.”


Keeping in the BTCC theme, around the corner was the Handy Motorsport Stand, which was voted as the best stand at the show and the team proudly displayed the award during the show. Tom Ingrams 2014 Speedworks Toyota Avensis could also be seen at the show along with the 2014 WIX Racing Mercedes of Adam Morgan not far from the Laser Tools Racing/PopBangColour stand.


Hidden away on the Miller Oils stand were Mike Bushell and his NGTC Challenger for his maiden full season in the BTCC, The AmD Ford Focus, keeping the now tradition Red and Black colour scheme for the 2015 season.


As usual, the F1 Racing Magazine had its grid of 2014 Formula One cars on display, with the all conquering Mercedes proving to be the most popular poser for photos. Further around the show were the MSA Stand, showcasing some of the cars from the UK’s Motorsport Championships, including the new MSA Formula Mygale that will run to the new FIA Formula 4 rules. On the Porsche Stand there was one of the Carrera Cup GB cars on display, whilst over at the Autosport Stage the 2014 Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 car was joined on display by Andy Priaulx’s 2015 BTCC BMW 125i NGTC Challenger, the Formula E Display car and the new McLaren GT racer, the 650S.


We wandered back and forth through the show, taking in the different stands and cars on show and it all added to the amazing day we had as we walked around. Over at the Silverstone Classic stands were iconic cars such as the Audi Quattro Sport, the Honda Accord Super Tourer of Phil Dodd who won the 2014 SuperTCC series along with the Sauber Mercedes from the Group C era of Sportscar racing and many others on display.


Over on the 60th Anniversary Motoring News Display was my chance to get a picture of the PSRX Citroen DS3 Supercar that Petter Solberg piloted to claim the 2014 World Rallycross Drivers Championship. As my readers know, I love my Rallycross of late and seeing this car was on my tick list. Nearby was another Super ouring Honda Accord from the BTCC, this time piloted by Tom Kristensen who won the last ever BTCC SuperTouring race.


Further around the show, I found the BMW SuperTouring car driven by Peter Kox in the 1995 season of the German SuperTourenWagen Championship that has been fully restored to its former glory and is ready to be raced in series such as SuperTCC and the like. Another historic favourite Touring Car of mine there was the Group A DTM Eggenberger Ford RS500 driven by Manuel Reuter. Those cars look so beautiful!!


Well, this is the end of the first part of my ASI15 Blog, the rest is continued in Part Two…


All the best,


All the best from the Guru!!

Low’Life Photography

Hello fellow blog followers.

This may sound cheesy, but I have been asked to do something by my son Aaron and I feel this is a good cause.

On his 18th birthday in 2013 we gave him an expensive camera as a birthday present. This was due to his enormous interest in Photography which began after his first trip to a BTCC event in October 2010.

Since then Aaron has taken many Photo’s from BTCC Events in 2011 and 2012. In 2013 he began taking pictures of the wildlife and landscape of our home on Billing Aquadrome, taking pictures of a local band performing in Bedford and in late 2014 taking photos of street modified cars at different shows, which is his current focus.

Aaron is hoping to make a business from this and both Nik and myself are supporting this 100%. The passion he has for Photography is amazing. It reminds me of the passion I have for Motorsport & SciFi…and the passion Nik has for Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, West Ham United & Chris Hemsworth…

All I am asking is for you all to take a look at his Facebook Page. If you search for Low’Life Photography on Facebook you will find him.

Once again I thank you myself for reading my blog and I have further posts planned for 2015 as previously posted.



All the best from the Guru!!

Tintop Guru: My plan for 2015…

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas time and celebrated the New Year in your own particular fashion.

Whilst all this has been going on during the holiday period, I have been organising my plans for the Tintop Guru blog and I’ve decided to explain what I plan to be writing about in 2015.


First of all, I’ve had to organise myself a bit earlier than normal as I will be attending the 2015 Autosport International Show as one of their official bloggers. This has happened after I entered the competition that the Autosport Show Organisers ran during the summer where you had to post on your blog, your favourite Motorsport Memory from between 1990 and 2015, as part of celebrating the 25 years of the Autosport International Show… I was picked as a winner! My entry was a post about the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix.

Now whilst I am there, I am planning on speaking to a few teams and drivers from the BTCC to find out what their targets and hopes are for the new season and posting a blog regarding my experience at the show. Keeping with the BTCC theme, I shall be attending the Annual BTCC Media Day in March at Donington Park that will see the launch of the 2015 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship, where we will finally have the confirmation of who will be driving what car and for what team after a long winter of shuffling.


Now as well as attending these two events, I will be writing blogposts regarding the race weekends of the BTCC as well as the 2015 edition of the FIA World Touring Car Championship, which sees the new TC1 regulation cars in their second season of competition, whilst the older TC2T cars are now outlawed in the WTCC and only legal to compete in the FIA European Touring Car Cup, which itself expands to a six event calendar for 2015.


The WTCC also sees a change in calendar for 2015 with visits to the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany, the Vila Real street circuit in Portugal, a change of location from Suzuka to Motegi for the Japanese round whilst the championship visits Buriram in Thailand and Losail in Qatar for the first time. The Qatar races will be the first ever night races the new incarnation of the series has had.


In 2014, I immensely enjoyed watching the first ever FIA World Rallycross Championship and also writing posts about it during the season. I will be following the championship again in 2015 and producing race weekend reports on the blog, reporting on what I felt was the FIA’s most exciting World Championship in 2014 with an ever expanding fan base and growing prescence on Social Media. To add to this hype, 2014 WorldRX Champion Petter Solberg confirmed on New Years Eve he would return in 2015 to defend his title.


There is one change to the WorldRX Calendar in 2015 with Finland being dropped and replaced by a Spanish round held at the Barcelona Grand Prix Circuit. Whilst Finland is a fan favourite and popular round, Barcelona will offer new challenges to the field. I will also be posting blog reports on the FIA European Rallycross Championship, which was just as exciting as the World Championship was last year.

There are two new series that I will be casting my eye over and offering my thoughts and opinions on throughout the year. The first is the newly announced TCR International Series. I am looking forward to seeing how this championship fairs during the year, with several established and well known Touring Car teams already confirmed to be taking part with a calendar that is on the support bill at three different Formula One Weekends and also sees several national championships planned for 2015 and 2016.


The second Championship I will be casting my eye on will be the revamped MSA British Rallycross Championship. During 2014, the series saw increased numbers in each class of competition from Supercars to the RX150’s. Along with an improved Media package in the form of a one hour highlights programme on Eurosport and a Series Sponsor in The Shannon Group, BritishRX showed increased viewership and prescence on social media. With a calendar for 2015 confirmed and a TV/Media package to be confirmed, I’ll be keeping an eye on this series as it grows in a similar fashion to WorldRX.


So its a busy year for myself on the blog as I increase the series I monitor and also share with all my readers on Social Media.

There’s also a big event taking place in August this year thats very important to me, but I will divulge more details on that later in the year.

Finally I would like to say thank to all my readers from 2014 and thank you to all the support I have recieved in writing the blog. It spurs me on to see so many positive comments each time I post on Social Media and I intend to maintain the high level of the blog and its posts.

Thank you


All the best from the Guru!!

My Favourite Motorsport Moment: Autosport International 2015 Competition

Here is my entry into the Competition that won me a place as an Official Blogger for the 2015 Autosport International Show…

My favourite Motorsport moment over the last 25 years has to be the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix.

It was a year I was proud to be both a Williams fan and a Nigel Mansell fan. Having watched him charge through races in the previous season, chasing Senna all the way to what would be the Brazilian’s final title, it was a joy to watch and see “Il Leone” win the first five races of the 1992 season and it showed the signs that he might actually win that first title.

All he needed to do to make it six in a row was win the one race he hadn’t won…


Qualifying on Pole Position helped that cause and with team mate Patrese on the front row, I was sat forward on the sofa at home ready to witness what turned out to be an epic race.

I watched on as Mansell slid wide from pole and took the lead whilst Senna made his master stroke of a move by passing Patrese into Ste Devote for second. Murray Walker and James Hunt were performing their legendary commentary duties as Nigel stretched his lead lap after lap, getting further and further ahead.

Whilst the joy and excitement were building, it all fell apart on lap 71 when Mansell pitted for tyres after suffering a puncture. He sped out of the pits but Senna was already ahead.

The chase began…

My excitement was at fever pitch as I willed Nigel on whilst Walker and Hunt commentated on, looking for the slightest gap for Mansell to pass the worlds widest Mclaren.

Mansell broke the lap record five times whilst catching up to Senna. I watched on the edge of my seat as lap after lap he tried to pass at Ste Devote, then Mirabeau, then at the Loews hairpin, again at the Chicane, trying hard through the Swimming Pool, running wide at Anthony Nogues, but to no avail.

It was a worthy win for Senna and I felt as drained as Nigel looked as he stood on the podium. He’d tried his all, but what a race…

A memory I will never forget.


All the best from the Guru!!