Tintop Guru: Time for a change…

First of all I want to say hi to you all!
It feels like ages since I’ve written one of these posts!!


(Photo: TCR Media)

2015 has been a busy year for me so far with reporting on several different championships for My Page at The Checkered Flag including the FIA World Rallycross Championship, FIA European Rallycross Championship and the MSA British Rallycross Championship.


I’ve also had change happen in my place of work where I have gone from part time hours to full time hours and at one stage this affected my reporting and my blogging. As well as this there has been the large matter of a wedding where I finally was able to take Niks hand in marriage and she became my wife!


I’ve been lucky enough to attend several motorsport events this year which my Family and I weren’t planning on going to. Myself & the lovely Mrs K went to the Autosport International Show in January where I spoke to Simon Belcher, Richard Hawken, Tony Gilham and Aiden Moffat as well as meeting several members of my online BTCC Family.


(Photo: BTCC.net)

We were at BTCC Media Day at Donington Park where I met several members of the Downforce Radio crew including Jake Sanson, Adam Johnson, Dave Goddard, Lewis Glynn and others as well as witnessing the start of the 2015 BTCC season with Laser Tools Racing and Team HARD.


We then ended up at Croft where Aaron had won VIP tickets to be guests of Laser Tools Racing and enjoyed a fantastic day of racing whilst Aaron brought home the front bumper of Aiden Moffats Mercedes A-Class. We spent a wonderful day chatting with Aiden Moffat, Bob Moffat, Gary Allen, Emma Stilp, as well being looked after by the lovely Jacqueline Rintoul. We also caught up with Tony Gilham, Deb Gilham and Andrea Hurcombe at Team HARD.


(Photo: Low’Life Photography)

We followed that up by winning tickets with Jake Taylor to the penultimate round of the British Rallycross Championship at Lydden Hill. Our first ever visit was amazing! Rain soaked, but amazing! What was most humbling that day was being approached by different drivers and team members thanking me for the work I do at TCF writing about BritishRX.

Now this year I have used the blog to report on many different series:

The Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship

The FIA World Touring Car Championship

The FIA World Rallycross Championship

The FIA European Rallycross Championship

The MSA British Rallycross Championship

The Rallycross Challenge Europe

The Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship

The TCR International Series

The TCR Asia Series

Now that is a lot of series to cover in one blog and as you all well know my time is limited enough with a full time job and my writing for The Checkered Flag website…

So I’ve made a decision regarding the immediate future for the blog.


For the rest of this season and into 2016, I’m going to use the blog to showcase the TCR International Series, The TCR Asia Series and other Domestic based TCR Series. Its been proven this year that both series are highly competitive in their maiden seasons and this will only go from strength to strength.

Now, before anyone doubts me, let me make something clear to you all:



My love of Touring Car racing began in 1988 and it has only grown since then. I love watching BTCC, WTCC, ETCC, TCR and many others but there also comes a time when you come to make a realisation about your love of motorsport.

As much as I love the BTCC, I don’t have the funds to get to every round (I don’t drive either…) and I support a loving family whilst in a full time job and it takes up a lot of time. The BTCC also has a lot of websites & reporters & professional photographers giving the championship an incredible amount coverage and I realised that its not a series I can cover with the blog.

But I will also point out that they all do a bloody amazing job!

But I love spending 10 racedays a year sitting on the sofa enjoying my favourite tintop series with the lovely Mrs Kinch beside me, yelling and shouting at the TV and I still want to enjoy my motorsport.

With my work at The Checkered Flag on Rallycross which is a discipline that is also rapidly growing, I also feel that the TCR Regulations will grow and with the recent news that TCR Regulation cars could potentially be integrated in the 2016 European Touring Car Cup, this shows the growth and popularity of a series that already boasts 11 potential domestic series starting in 2016.


(Photo: TCR Media)

What I will be doing alongside sharing TCR News and Series Reports though is adding personal blog posts as I have done before. In recent months I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the blog, not only with the reports but also the personal stuff.

So thats the plan and I’ll be working on it over the next few months

Thank you for your patience and also for your continued support.

Kind Regards


(Photo: Nik Kinch)

Phil aka Tintop Guru

Published by

Phil Kinch

Hi, I've been a fan of motorsport for over the past 30 years, following everything from Single Seaters to Touring Cars and to Rallycross. I started writing a blog back in March 2013 on Blogger as Tintop Guru and since then I have written articles and reports on the FIA World Touring Car Championship, The FIA World Rallycross Championship and the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship as well as sharing my thoughts on current Motorsport matters. In 2016 My blog was used to report on the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship and The TCR International Series. I write FIA World Rallycross Championship and FIA European Rallycross Championship reports for www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk and I was an official blogger for the 2015 Autosport International Show. From April 2018, the blog will concentrate solely on the TCR UK Touring Car Championship and the TCR Europe Touring Car Championship.

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