My Favourite Motorsport Moment: Autosport International 2015 Competition

My favourite Motorsport moment over the last 25 years has to be the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix.


It was a year I was proud to be both a Williams fan and a Nigel Mansell fan. Having watched him charge through races in the previous season, chasing Senna all the way to what would be the Brazilian’s final title, it was a joy to watch and see “Il Leone” win the first five races of the 1992 season and it showed the signs that he might actually win that first title.

All he needed to do to make it six in a row was win the one race he hadn’t won…


Qualifying on Pole Position helped that cause and with team mate Patrese on the front row, I was sat forward on the sofa at home ready to witness what turned out to be an epic race.

I watched on as Mansell slid wide from pole and took the lead whilst Senna made his master stroke of a move by passing Patrese into Ste Devote for second. Murray Walker and James Hunt were performing their legendary commentary duties as Nigel stretched his lead lap after lap, getting further and further ahead.

Whilst the joy and excitement were building, it all fell apart on lap 71 when Mansell pitted for tyres after suffering a puncture. He sped out of the pits but Senna was already ahead.

The chase began…

My excitement was at fever pitch as I willed Nigel on whilst Walker and Hunt commentated on, looking for the slightest gap for Mansell to pass the worlds widest Mclaren.

Mansell broke the lap record five times whilst catching up to Senna. I watched on the edge of my seat as lap after lap he tried to pass at Ste Devote, then Mirabeau, then at the Loews hairpin, again at the Chicane, trying hard through the Swimming Pool, running wide at Anthony Nogues, but to no avail.

It was a worthy win for Senna and I felt as drained as Nigel looked as he stood on the podium. He’d tried his all, but what a race…

A memory I will never forget.

As it turns out, that post won me a place at the 2015 Autosport International Show as an Official Blogger and what a day it was.

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Phil Kinch

Hi, I've been a fan of motorsport for over the past 30 years, following everything from Single Seaters to Touring Cars and to Rallycross. I started writing a blog back in March 2013 on Blogger as Tintop Guru and since then I have written articles and reports on the FIA World Touring Car Championship, The FIA World Rallycross Championship and the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship as well as sharing my thoughts on current Motorsport matters. In 2016 My blog was used to report on the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship and The TCR International Series. I write FIA World Rallycross Championship and FIA European Rallycross Championship reports for and I was an official blogger for the 2015 Autosport International Show. From April 2018, the blog will concentrate solely on the TCR UK Touring Car Championship and the TCR Europe Touring Car Championship.

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