BTCC: The day I cursed The Stig…

Yes, you read that right.

I. Cursed. The. Stig.

Well, not the current one…

How does that saying go?

“Some say he was born with Nitrous for Blood! Some say that he is powered by his own internal Black Hole! All we know is…”

Let me explain.

Back in 2010, I introduced my partner Nik and her son Aaron to the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship. Now as you know, I haved watched the series religiously since 1988. Well it turns out Nik had seen it too during her younger years and was quite a fan too.

She still says fondly of how well I would’ve gotten on with her parents because of my love of Motorsport alone. Her mum Betty was a massive Williams/Nigel Mansell/Damon Hill Fan and her dad Jim loved Vauxhalls. Unfortunately he passed away in 1977, the same year I was born. However we share the same passionate loves of Williams, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill and Vauxhall.

To this day I regret I never met them, god rest both of their souls.

I was watching the 2010 BTCC encounter from Silverstone where the Gas powered Team Aon Fords of Tom Chilton & Tom Onslow-Cole battled the RML Chevrolets of Jason Plato & Alex MacDowall and the Team Dynamic Honda’s of Matt Neal & Gordon Shedden on the fast National Circuit. I had missed part of the season due to moving from Rushden to Northampton, but was aware of the scandal of the Turbo assisted Gas powered Ford Focus…and the racing was close and exciting to watch.

Enough said…

Anyway, Silverstone provided an action packed encounter and naturally Kinchy was jumping up doing his Murray Walker bit, commentating at the TV and overriding both Ben Edwards and Tim Harvey in both action, pace and volume from the comfort of our sofa. After the ITV4 programme ended, an advert confirmed an event where once in a million years, the impossible was to happen:

BTCC Finals Day at Brands Hatch would be on my birthday: 10th October 2010.

Yup. 10/10/10.

I was 33. Just for reference

So I was in awe when I saw this and I recalled that the last time I went to a BTCC event was 1st May 1994 at Snetterton. I was excited at the fact Finals Day was on my birthday and then blurted out how awesome it would be to go.

Unbeknownst to me, Nik collaberated with my best friends Andy, Clive and Darryl to get me to this event as a birthday present. This was also my first birthday since meeting the wonderful Nik.

She is truly awesome.

Add to this that in the 2 week run up to Finals Day, Motorbase announced that they had signed Ben Collins to drive a 3rd S2000 BMW 320si in all three races at the finale along with regulars Mat Jackson & Steven Kane. Collins had previously revealed he was the 2nd professional driver after Perry McCarthy to be “The Stig” on BBC’s Top Gear and released a book on his careers on the programme, The Army and his foray in Motorsport.

He was also signing copies of his book.

Remember that bit…

Anyway, each time I saw the advert for Brands Hatch declaring tickets were on sale on TV, Nik kept telling me she had tried to secure tickets but that they were sold out. My enthusiasm dropped in the following days, realising that my dream would not come true.

Until one day whilst shopping in Tesco’s for a new camera, Nik broke into tears admitting that she had bought five tickets for the event and she couldnt bare to keep the secret from me anymore.

I was elated. A phonecall to Andy confirmed this as I was in utter disbelief and the buildup was unbearable. We hired an Audi A4 Estate to travel to Brands and to add to this, Nik surprised me by picking up Andy, Clive and Darryl the day before to stay over and have a blokes night on the night before. Clive kindly offered to babysit the dog on raceday whilst we were out along with Niks other son Dan.

So on Sunday, we travelled to Brands Hatch and parked up. Nik, Andy, Darryl, Aaron and when we arrived,  I felt like a kid.

Just being there was amazing.

We entrenched ourselves at Druids Hairpin for the day, knowing that Jason Plato could secure his 2nd BTCC Title on the day. We soaked up the atmosphere and enjoyed the racing. We walked up and down the pitlane for the drivers autograph session before the days racing where Aaron met Tiff Needell in the RML Chevrolet garage.

I should explain Aaron was a big Jason Plato and RML fan at this time, however this was before Aaron discovered Tony Gilham in 2011…

Between races two and three, Ben Collins held his autograph session and we were lucky enough to be in the queue, all with copies of the book. When my time came, I explained the book was bought for me as a present and what my family and friends had done for me to be there that day


Ben acknowledged that was a fantastic present and wished me a great birthday. As we shook hands I said to him…

“Have a great final race today, hope you get some points out there.”

Without knowing it, right there and then, I had cursed The Stig for his final race of the day

Race three came along and Andrew Jordan passed polesitter Mat Jackson at the start. He would be pursued race long by Jackson’s team mate Kane but the high point of the race came mid way through. Collins was racing in the midpack when he spun into the gravel at Hailwood Hill when selecting a wrong gear.

Therefore, My curse struck.

I had cursed The Stig.

Jordan went on to win the race ahead of Kane after the safety car released the field. On each lap I was shouting and commentating as I had on each previous BTCC race during the day.

The BMW was being lifted out of the gravel as we left the track and the general talking point on the way home was about the price of burgers, the racing, walking up Hailwood Hill and of how my well wishing to Ben Collins had changed his fortunes of the day in the final race.

In short, Best. Birthday. Ever.

So, while it may seem a silly story to some, thats how I cursed Ben Collins and thats how we began our love affair with the BTCC, not just following it on TV but going to see it live as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tale and I will keep you all updated with further Touring Car news as normal.



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Phil Kinch

Hi, I've been a fan of motorsport for over the past 30 years, following everything from Single Seaters to Touring Cars and to Rallycross. I started writing a blog back in March 2013 on Blogger as Tintop Guru and since then I have written articles and reports on the FIA World Touring Car Championship, The FIA World Rallycross Championship and the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship as well as sharing my thoughts on current Motorsport matters. In 2016 My blog was used to report on the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship and The TCR International Series. I write FIA World Rallycross Championship and FIA European Rallycross Championship reports for and I was an official blogger for the 2015 Autosport International Show. From April 2018, the blog will concentrate solely on the TCR UK Touring Car Championship and the TCR Europe Touring Car Championship.

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